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Bootstrapping an autonomous decentralized corporation.

I promised to move to a decentralized forum if i see the 3rd time moderators do something wrong (from my point of view).

An idea for a decentralized forum built on the blockchain (self.

Decentralized and autonomous bootstrapping for ipv6-based.

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Ethereum research forum bootstrapping an autonomous decentralized corporation, part 2 interacting with the world posted by vitalik buterin on december 31, 2013.

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Decentralized bootstrapping of p2p systems a practical view.

Decentralized bootstrapping of p2p systems a practical view jochen dinger and oliver p.

Zeppelins suite of tools (openzeppelin, zeppelinos, zepkit) provides a strong foundation to kickstart an ecosystem of decentralized systems.

In the first part of this series, we talked about how the internet allows us to create decentralized corporations, automatons that exist entirely as decentralized networks over the internet, carrying out the computations that keep them alive over thousands of servers.