Blockchain julian assange proves

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Assange uses bitcoins blockchain as proof of life.

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Blockchain julian assange proves

Julian assange, the wikileaks founder has had rumors circulating about him for some time, regarding his life. Fried clams from a giant milk bottle? Its happening in bostons fort point.

After the embassy cut off the internet it was unknown if he was alive, or dead. President jimmy carter warns egypt that its transition to democracy is faltering.

Blockchain julian assange proves

Wikileaks founder julian assange encounters the questions of fans and critics in an ama (ask me anything) held on january 10. Wikileaks founder julian assange has been proven right about his reasons for seeking political asylum from ecuador.

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Julian assange beweist, dass er lebt mit der bitcoin.

Julian assange used the bitcoin blockchain to prove that hes alive and well, being the first person to provide a blockchain-based proof of life. Julian assange ist zu einer art öffentlicher cheerleader für bitcoin und anderen kryptowährungen geworden.

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A few days ago, it was reported that julian assange read out a bitcoin block hash to prove he was alive.